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Cabrio & Supercar

Mini Cooper Cabrio

Vehicle Specifications

4 Seats
Automatic Transmission
Navigation System GPS

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Mini Cooper Cabrio is a timeless, authentic and fashionable car. The small English car blends creativity with cosiness and for the most unforgettable driving experience adds the possibility of a fully automatic roof. The convertible roof is fully automatic, an unusual feature in such a small car, and can be opened partially to act as a sunroof while the car is driving at speed..   The seats provide an ergonomic seating for both driver and passenger and the technological equipment is designed to optimize the driving and make the time enjoyable. It also offering a powerful engine that guarantee a spectacular travel to Lake Como or in Chianti hills. Rent a Mini, always a great way to own the streets. We are proud to offer a fleet selection that guarantee Excellence.

Cathegory: Cabrio
Number of Seats: 4
Luggage capacity: 160/215 L
Length: 3.82 m
Drive: Front
Exterior Colour: Turtledove
Interior Colour: Black
Trasmission: Automatic
Navigation System: Built-In
Parking system : Yes
Air Conditioning: Yes
Xenon Light: Yes
Winter Tires: Yes
Audio Media Connection: Yes

Mini Cooper Cabrio

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