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Mercedes-Benz SL AMG Edition Cabrio

Vehicle Specifications

2 Seats
Automatic Transmission
Navigation System GPS

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Sixty years ago, Mercedes produced high-performance sports cars called SL, and the tradition continues with this big and luxurious spider. Like the model that replaces it, it is a two-seater with a metal sunroof, but the similarities end there. In fact, to try to keep faith with the initials SL (which stands for "light sports"), Mercedes have decided to do things big, designing a body composed of 90% aluminum, with some areas in the still lighter magnesium. Traditional steel is used only for sturdy tubes integrated into the windshield uprights.  The advantages of using light alloys are very evident: the body weighs about 110 kg less than a steel equivalent. Much of the grit of the muzzle is due to the big bixenon headlights, with five different lighting functions based on the road and atmospheric conditions, surmounted by sinuousl led position lights. The thin, straight daytime running lights in the lower part of the bumper, and the large headlamps in the tail, for a rental and optimal visibility For two people the space abounds, so much so that it is wider than in many sedans. The suspension works really well on uneven asphalt, the driving is easy and safe, the steering is progressive, fluid and not too light. The engine, a V6 3.5 with direct petrol injection, has 306 horsepower, means that you just have to press half the accelerator to increase speed at a dizzying pace, the car, available in the Joey Rent fleet, is what he expects from a car for which they say 5.9 seconds in the "0-100" as well as 250 km / h top speed (electronically limited).

Cathegory: Cabrio
Number of Seats: 2
Luggage capacity: 364/504 L
Length: 4.63 m
Drive: Rear
Exterior Colour: Grey
Interior Colour: Black Leather
Trasmission: Automatic
Navigation System: Yes
Parking system : Yes
Air Conditioning: Yes
Xenon Light: Yes
Winter Tires: Yes
Audio Media Connection: Yes

Mercedes-Benz SL AMG Edition Cabrio

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