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The Times

"The Road Trip to La Dolce Vita is a completely customisable experience from Four Seasons, including vintage car hire from Joey Rent (www.joeyrent.com), who provide a secondary car and driver for roadside assistance"

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"there are a few more options provided by Joey Rent, the rental company with which the hospitality brand has partnered."

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Financial Times

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Robb Report

"To be sure, any car enthusiast would share in my excitement. Introduced in April, the Route to La Dolce Vita is an exquisite auto lover’s adventure in which travelers take one of Joey Rent’s classic cars on a curated road trip between the Four Seasons Hotel Milan, the Four Seasons Hotel Florence, and the Grand Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat, a Four Seasons Hotel, on the French Riviera."

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Brummel Magazine

"The choice of classic rental cars jump-starts the coldest heart: a 1961 Giulietta Spider, 1956 Porsche 356 Speedster and 1958 Mercedes 190 SL Cabrio."

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New York Magazine

"The car-rental company the Four Seasons partners with, JoeyRent, will trail you in a more modern car for when you get tired or need assistance; inquire about rates."

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Vanity Fair

"il pacchetto La Dolce Guida in Suite, per provare l’emozione di guidare una Ferrari ed immergersi nel paesaggio in fiore della Lombardia e della Toscana."

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Luxury Daily US

"in partnership with JoeyRent, are bringing the heritage of the south of France and Italy to each guest in a luxury fashion, celebrating incredible cuisine, fashion, art and culture."

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pag. 30/33 · 01-05-2018 - COME IN UN FILM (M.Tizzi)

"Joey Rent (www.JoeyRent.com), società partner della catena alberghiera di superlusso. Si parte, quindi, dal tragitto, e le opzioni sono infinite"

Ronda Iberia Airlines

"Joey rent will let you whizz aound Milan's most iconic spots in a 1969 Alfa Romeo Spider convertible, accompanied by a support vehicle, in case you get lost or tired."

The Rake

pag. 144-145-146-147

"...организаторы этих путешествий, компания Joey Rent, предоставит вам понравившийся автомобиль, обеспечит сопровождение и необходимую помощь в дороге...."

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Tailor made car rental

Joey Rent will be able to provide a solution to any requirement you may have, by making available a huge range of convertibles, sport cars, luxury sedans, Premiums, SUVs and/or minivans – all available to be chauffeur driven.

Do not hesitate to contact our staff who is available to answer any information and requirement you may have thus ensuring you with the best service to suit your needs.