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Joey Rent's division "Sensational Experiences Creators” is delighted to introduce the most coveted and unique experiences on board a Vintage or Modern Car.

You will not covering a distance but you will have a driving experience through ancient history in unique landscapes of Italy and French Riviera driving the most beautiful 50 and 60’s year Vintage cars or modern ones, for the most demanding, even both of the same model with 60 years production difference, with the pleasure of switch them anytime you would like, with the chance to mix past with present for an unforgettable and a one time experience.


In addiction to this fantastic driving chance, that distinguishes more our product is our Road Side Service, that will give you the chance to travel completely carefree enjoying your driving pleasure through the unique beauties' Italian and French landscapes.

Road Side Service

With this service you will have our staff at your completely disposal for the whole duration of your road trip, we will drive one of the two cars you won’t be using, to open the road for you as a leading car or to assist you like a shadow during the whole time, so that you won’t have any uncertainty during your road driving experience; all this, of course, giving you the needed and requested privacy.

Your private assistant

You will have our highly qualified staff at your disposal; a highly technical skilled staff with a deep knowledge of the most wonderful streets, being so your reference.
They will assist you with any of your needs, giving you precious advices about your choices and taking care of the vehicles during your absences, providing a private valet parking service; they will make a refresh and a technical check of the car anytime you will stop, so that you will always have a cleaned and brand new shining car; they will also take care of the refueling and luggages.

Whatever you want

You will be able to communicate with our leading car / shadow one through CB, communicating your needs, changing of plans, your intention to shift the car to pass from the modern to vintage or viceversa, your sudden feeling to stop in the middle of nowhere because you’ve seen a little restaurant for your lunch or dinner, or a typical shop, or a beautiful village on the way, a picturesque spot for an unforgettable photo, everything you could image.. anything in conclusion!

The Road Book and
the High Customizable Trip

All our road trip will be completely customizable basing on your request, this because we are not selling a ready made product, but we will create a wonderful road trip depending on the localities, interests, and your preference to satisfy your needs as much as possible. It will be also made a ancient vintage Road Book, you will use during your trip or just simply keeping it for yourself as a memory of your rout; inside it, you could find maps, directions and any spots of interest, like it was used to be in the vintage paper era.

With our Plan Route Staff partnership, you will have the chance to create your dream route, our local knowledge will help you through the discover of some of the most beautiful cities of the Italian territory and French Riviera, such as Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan, Naples, Monte Carlo, Cannes and many others less known and famous but yet of unequivocal beauty like Portofino, Ligure Riviera with his unique 5 Terre, ancient Tuscan villages from the Middle Ages and of course Chianti area, and also the land of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Ducati and good tasting food driving the famous 1000 Miglia road, beauties of roman castles, Amalfi Coast or many and romantic lakes adjoining with some of the most beautiful mountain ranges of the world.

You are about to have a whole experienced team only for you, ready to increase in any moment the pleasure of your experience,
making sure you will have the best time of your life.

You’re about to have the best time of your life,
it’s just up to you: go and get it!!

Rent luxury car and SUV in Milan

Tailor made car rental

Joey Rent will be able to provide a solution to any requirement you may have, by making available a huge range of convertibles, sport cars, luxury sedans, Premiums, SUVs and/or minivans – all available to be chauffeur driven.

Do not hesitate to contact our staff who is available to answer any information and requirement you may have thus ensuring you with the best service to suit your needs.